Our Commitment to Research and Development
Our Commitment to Research and Development
Our Commitment to Research and Development
Our Commitment to Research and Development
TACK is committed to Research and Development.

Continuous development towards improving and refining the standards and opportunities of learning Arabic for children is the pulse of TACK. Through our commitment to research and development we:

  • Strive to continuously improve the quality of all our provision.
  • Provide high-quality learner outcomes and experiences.
  • Involve practitioners, researchers and academics to make sure we stay at the forefront of teaching and learning developments.
  • Develop innovative methodologies and resources.
  • Support our teachers to develop the knowledge and skills they need to do an excellent job.
TACK is committed to Research and Development.
Our Areas of Research and Our Publications

In order to create a fun and engaging learning environment in all of our provision, we have developed a range of curriculum resources that support the development of Arabic literacy and also to create a bilingual environment. We have also written material for teachers to support them to provide high-quality Arabic language learning settings. Please contact arrange to talk to someone about our resources, or if you are a publisher and would like to publish our work
Our Areas of Research and Our Publications
TACK has researched and published a series of texts to teach reading skills in Arabic. These vibrant books offer plenty of opportunities for building oral and written language as the children learn to read. Click here
We have developed a method of assessing reading progress that enables teachers to match books to the level of each individual child and fine-tune reading instruction to make sure that progress is consistent and sustained.
Learning to Write
Learning letter-sound relationships is a particular challenge in Arabic as each letter of the alphabet has a different grapheme when at the beginning, the middle or the end of a word.
TACK has developed innovative approaches to learning how to recognise Arabic letters drawing on research on how children learn to discriminate letter shapes.
Phonics is an important element in the teaching of reading in all alphabetic languages. Learning the relationships between the letters we see and the speech sounds we hear is particularly important in the early stages of learning. This learning is much more effective if it is systematic.
TACK is researching how this can be applied to Arabic and taught systematically and thoroughly.
Oral Language
Oral language is the foundation of reading and writing skills, even when the spoken form differs from the written form.
TACK seeks to create authentic and dialogic environments for language learning. Extra- curricular themed days make language learning fun and exciting.
Our Projects

Developing ‘Big Books’ for whole class teaching.
Researching progressions in phonological and phonic knowledge in Arabic.
Developing display materials that create an explicitly bilingual environment.
Developing a consultancy offering to schools offering Arabic as a curriculum subject (first and second language).
Consultancy & Training

Why TACK ?

The most effective way to ensure an effective learning environment for children is to educate and support its teachers. Therefore, we have created a collaborative hub of experts from literacy and language backgrounds who work with the Director to develop
the TACK methodology and support its staff through continuing professional development.

What we offer
  • Training and Support to set up an AlMaeeyah after school club

  • Training to implement The Arabic Club for Kids guided reading programme

  • Training to develop teacher understanding of literacy teaching and learning Bespoke training to deliver literacy teaching using TACK resources Training to use play-based and task-based learning in an Arabic literacy programme

Please contact to arrange to talk to someone about consultancy, training and support, or if you would like to work with us as a consultant.

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