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Zahra Shah (Kindergarten and Level 1) December 2016

We highly recommend the Arabic Club for Kids to all parents who want their children to learn Arabic in a welcoming, and friendly school.  The teachers engage the children in focussed fun activities and provide an encouraging environment for all levels. The school focuses on all aspects of language learning i.e. reading, writing, listening and speaking through the use of drama, art, music, role play, games etc. so children find learning the language a lot of fun. There is also an option to study Quranic Arabic as part of the curriculum. This school is open to children of all faiths and has an inclusive and pluralistic vision. Both our daughters (aged 4 and 6) love attending this school.

Umber Soueid  (Kindergarten) December 2016

My 4 year old son has been attending the arabic club for over a year now. I have been impressed with how the classes have strengthened and consolidated the Arabic he speaks at home. His vocabulary has grown and he is now happy to do Arabic based activities at home. He loves going to Arabic club, he has made lots of friends and enjoys his time there. The teachers are wonderful and really focus on making every activity fun. Umber Soueid

My 4 year old son has been attending the arabic club for over a year now. I have been impressed with how the classes have strengthened and consolidated the Arabic he speaks at home. His vocabulary has grown and he is now happy to do Arabic based activities at home. He loves going to Arabic club, he has made lots of friends and enjoys his time there. The teachers are wonderful and really focus on making every activity fun. 

Kenneth Mitchell  (Dr.)  (level 1) July 2016

Our family can strongly recommend The Arabic Club for Kids. We have been attending for two years now and the atmosphere, and the warmth of Dr. Rabab and the teaching staff has been excellent. Our daughter has really enjoyed the lessons which have encouraged and guided the development of her Arabic skills.  The classes move at a good pace and the teaching is based on the best practices of Arabic teaching for children.  As well as learning to read, write and speak Arabic they also enjoy the lessons and interacting with other children. She also enjoys the Quran sessions supported by modern apps and using electronic tablets with teacher intervention. We have also really enjoyed the cultural events and fun days. If you are thinking of joining The Arabic Club for Kids, then we would say don't hesitate!
Bashar Nuseibeh (level 4) July 2012
My daughter has been attending the Arabic Club for Kids for four years now, and it has become such an integral part of her life. Living in London and going to an English speaking day school, the Arabic Club has provided her with an alternative social environment in which she learns Arabic and uses it in both study and play. The specially designed curriculum and the progressive teaching methods are such a contrast to other Arabic teaching schools, with an emphasis on learning through activities and practice, and lots of fun! My daughter's two younger cousins visited the school on her insistence for two hours last year to see what all the fuss was about, and have not left since! 
As a parent, I am really pleased and proud that my daughter's Arabic has improved so much, but the real icing on the cake is how comfortable and confident she is in using the language, and how keen she is to continue attending the Arabic Club for Kids each Saturday.
Iman Omar (kindergarten) July 2012
My son will often surprise me by throwing in the occasional word or sentence he has learned at the Arabic Club simply through play & story time
This is pleasantly reassuring for my husband and I who both have mixed backgrounds and are keen for our son to maintain his roots through the Arabic language and culture
Special Thanks for Miss Maha for making this a far more pleasurable experience for my son than I had in my Arabic School Days! It makes the world of difference ;-)
Dina Hashem (kindergarten and foundation)2012
Our sons used to attend another Arabic weekend school but never fully settled there. On enrolling them to the Arabic Club, I noticed within a matter of a few weeks they were learning, happy and thriving! The Club's unique selling points are many: innovative, motivating teaching style and learning materials coupled with oodles of love, attention and an amazing, enthusiastic, positive staff attitude. It's magic how you gave my sons pride in their Arabism, confidence and keeping them engaged throughout the year. I only wish their mainstream English school could replicate your model!! Alf mabrook wa shukran jazeelan. 
Adam Shimali. (Kindergarten), July 11.

As a person of mixed heritage, I did not get a chance to learn Arabic growing up. As a result I was very keen to get my children learning Arabic from an early age.  When I heard about The Arabic Club For Kids, I quickly signed my 5 year old daughter up to attend despite being a little concerned that she might find it a little demanding after attending a full week of school.  My fears were quickly allayed when I saw how much she enjoyed going to the club. Maha and Rawad have done a fantastic job of teaching her through play based learning and providing a safe and nurturing environment for all the kids. Whenever I pick my daughter up after a morning at the club, she is always happy, full of energy and keen to impress me with what she has learned. The Arabic Club For Kids is a great institution, I hope it carries on for many years.  Needless to say I am planning to send my son along as soon as he is old enough!

Dr. Thoraya Ammar. (Kindergarten), July 11.

I would like to thank my son's teachers for the wonderful job they do in making Saturday afternoon such a fun way for him to learn Arabic. Since my son started he has become increasingly interested in both the language and the culture, and it has given us the opportunity to make friends from the community. I commend you for the gentle approach in teaching which nurtures his interest and promotes his learning.

Dina Belemlih. (Foundation and level 1, July 11.

My children have been attending The Arabic Club for three years in a row. They made friends and have a lot of affection for their teachers. The school curriculum, the teachers and the pupils make learning Arabic a fun and happy experience. The diversity of people and nationalities is also of great importance, as it gives children a better understanding of Arab diversity. I recommend The Arabic Club For Kids to anybody wanting to give his or her children a positive image of Arabic and Arab culture in general.

Ms. Wided Ouaja.  (Foundation), July 11.

The Arabic Club For Kids is a unique, effective and well studied teaching programme. The children learn through structured activity based methods, and achieve a lot more than their peers typically do at other Arabic schools in London.  My daughter started this year and can now read and write. She enjoyed every moment at the school, not least playtime. Her teachers were brilliant and highly committed. I strongly recommend this school to anyone who seeks the best Arabic education for their kids in a fun-filled and enjoyable setting.  

Ms. Besma Benturkia.  (Kindergarten), July 11.

I just wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for a wonderful Kindergarten year. My son enjoyed all his subjects and loved his teachers. (Kindergarten), July 11

Ms. Asya Habib. (Kindergarten), July 11

Our son has loved his year at The Arabic Club For Kids. He walks in every week with a sense of enthusiasm without looking back. He enjoys his activities. The football he plays with Ustadh Ahmad, (he is a great football fan), and the animal puzzles with Ustadha Iman, and the activities and the surahs he learns with Ustadha Maha. He is keen to recount his days acitvities and the things he learnt. He brings home his artwork in Arabic and talks about his friends. It makes him proud of his identity, and that his friends share the same identity. The parents are also given the opportunity to get involved in cultural days where there is a melting pot different nationalities and exotic dishes. Children wear their and show off their national dress and get presents, all expertly organised by Ustadha Amal. We would like to say a huge thank you to you and the expert high calibre staff. We very much look forward to next year.

Anna de Freitas. (Foundation), July 2011

My son has been going to The Arabic Club For Kids for two years now, and he has learnt so much. The teachers have such a unique way of teaching the children Arabic and my son loves to go every Saturday.  The optional learning to recite the Quran has been really good and I am very pleased each week when I hear what part of the surah he has learned.

Mr. Mustafa Kadhum. (level 1), Dec, 2008.

We feel very lucky that our child is attending The Arabic Club For Kids.  He is making excellent progress in Arabic (written and spoken) and enjoys doing his homework.  We have seen steady improvement and he is definately more confident and very happy.

Mrs. Mary Nutley. (kindergarten), Dec 08.

I would really like to thank you for the interest and dedication you have shown.. my son does not speak as much Arabic as I would like him to at home.  I am not Arab or Muslim but it is very important to me that my son learns as much about his father's culture as he learns about mine.  ... I have been very impressed by the way you are doing things and the care and gentleness with which you have introduced the learning program to young children.  So much so that my son is very happy to attend every Saturday morning.  Your teachers, your helpers and you have made me feel very welcome which has encouraged me to remain committed.  I know I have chosen the absolute right place and environment for my son.

Mrs. R. Cassam (level 1), Dec, 08.

A stimulating environment for children to learn and enjoy - the quality of teaching has superseded my expectations.

Radwa Bedair. (kindergarten and level 1) Dec 08.

I think the Arabic Club For Kids is unique because of the way it approaches teaching Arabic to youngsters.  It is made both enjoyable and practical.  My children (kindergarten and level 1), love going and I can see definate progress in a short span of time.

Mrs Donna El-Jacifi. (foundation) Dec 08.

We have been so impressed with the school and all the kind and caring staff.  My son loves going to the school and he has learnt so much.  We are so pleased we have found a school where he learns Arabic, makes new friendships and has lots of fun.  Thank you.

Reedah El-Saie.  (kindergarten) Dec 08.

Before The Arabic Club For Kids, my son had never enjoyed going to Arabic school in the past.  However thanks to the learning through play environment and the openess and warmth of the teachers, my son looks forward to Arabic school, has made many friends and come home happy!

Amani De Ghayes.  (Foundation)  Dec 2008

We Love The Arabic Club For Kids.  My daughter looks forward to it which is great.  She is beginning to learn more and more Arabic. However she thinks that it is fun. This makes me feel much better about her spending Saturday studying as she seems to really enjoy it.  We just wish it could be located closer to us in North London.

Mrs Aisha Atta. (founation) July 07.

For children at a certain age and developmental stage the key to unlocking their full potential is 'reaching them'.  I believe the atmosphere and environment at the Arabic Club For Kids is palpably that of kindness, nurturing and fun!  My 6yr old son attests to this each week.  Such a place has been lond overdue, WELL DONE!

Mr. Azzedine Fetnaci.  (foundation and level 1) Dec 08.

Having our children in the Arabic Club For Kids has helped them with their English schooling and motivates them to do better and learn about Islam and Arab culture.

Mrs. Munizeh Salahuddin. (foundation) July 07.

We are very satisfied with the excellent teaching methods.  Children are motivated and enthusiastic to attend the classes.  The environment is cheerful and happy and my daughter looks forward to going to school on Saturday.

Mr. and Mrs. Shah. (foundation) July 07.

The Arabic Club For Kids is very different to other Arabic schools our daughter has attended.  There is a structured learning program in place, coupled with innovative interactive teaching methods.  We have seen a huge improvement in our daughter's Arabic skills are just a few sessions.  KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!

Mrs Qadriya Idris.  (level 1) July 07.

This is my second try for my child to attend an Arabic school.  He used to be in another Arabic school but he hated it.  But thanks to God and to everyone who is teaching at your club, my child loves it there and now I can see his benefit from it, plus he is now confident to learn and understand Arabic.  Thanks to everyone in The Arabic Club For Kids.