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For enquiries please email us on

Telephone: +44 2079939010

(For enquiries during school time only:
+44 7958072728)

Staff Vacancies

If you are interested in working with us a teacher in our school, kindly send us your CV to Even if we don’t have immediate vacancies we can keep your CV and contact you if a vacancy comes up as we are in the process of expanding our branches around London and the UK and also expand our number of classes within branches.

All applicants should:

All applicants that are offered a job will be given a job role and be given an offer. All those who join will receive a contract. This will include (This will 5 Saturdays/Sundays of working at the school at a training rate) which they would need to complete successfully. After this applicants will start working with us at their rate of pay as agreed.

Please note we cannot currently arrange visas and require applicants to be able to make their own arrangements if necessary.

If you are interested in working with us please call us at +44 79939010 or you can mail us at

For enquiries
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